For total escapism, head to the island of Tinos. Fascinating yet not quite well known to the majority of visitors, it is an idyllic place that can satisfy your every desire. One may enjoy its unspoiled natural beauty and architecture, its picturesque villages, beautiful beaches and traditional culture and many more. Whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, marvelous dovecotes, old style windmills, lovely squares and beautiful churches create unique sceneries. The island’s small charms are waiting to be discovered.

There is no time to be bored in a place as beautiful as Tinos. Whether you are looking to explore the inland’s magical beauty or the azure waters that surround the pristine coastline, visiting Tinos will provide you with an abundance of experiences and activities. From the steepest paths to walks among the majestic hills, sailing the sea or enjoying the midnight sun on the beach, not far from Under The Sun, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Our Location
A visit to Under the Sun will be an experience in real value of living, feeling the raw, unspoiled nature, while enjoying luxury accommodations in breathtaking surroundings. Secluded on a hillside between the villages of Kardiani and Isternia, in an area known as Exo Meria, guests can experience the best of both worlds, a private and tranquil ambience and yet so close to everything. The hotel’s underground construction and design has been inspired by nature with structures made from wood, stone and dried iluk grass, built to create as little disturbance to the surrounding landscape as possible. A unique approach for tranquillity enhancing the guest journey with the most profound sense of lifestyle and sustainable awareness.
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